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Kitchen Secret #4What is a ‘Kitchen Market Demonstration’?

The ‘market demonstration’ has one main aim behind it – to eliminate the competition from other kitchen companies.

Imagine that you haven’t had any other kitchen companies around to visit you. Most people in that situation wouldn’t dream of making a binding decision as soon as the first company came to visit them – but plenty people do.

One of the reasons that people make such a decision is an effective ‘market demonstration’ by the visiting designer.

The kitchen market demonstration begins by the designer establishing what you know about the kitchen marketplace.

This is accomplished by the designer explaining that there are 3 types of sellers that you can choose to purchase a kitchen from. He asks you for your input into what other kitchen companies that you know of.

The reason he does this is so you can prove to yourself how knowledgeable you are about kitchens – the more you prove to yourself that you’re aware of what else is out there, the greater the chance is that you’ll be willing to make a decision on the purchase of the kitchen immediately.

The designer then goes on to talk about the quality of manufacture, and how that can mpact upon the length of time that a kitchen will last for. He refers to respected industry reports that will back up his information.

He also probably carries with him copies of ‘scare stories’. These stories are of bad experiences that people have had of other kitchen companies. This is another reason of why the negative publicity within a national popular newspaper in relation to a bad customer experience can almost kill off a kitchen company.

‘Guarantees’ are then next on the agenda. The designer will then mention that you might as well rip up the guarantee given by a DIY firm the moment that you sign for delivery. He will also assure you that his particular firm has been around for years, and even if it did go ‘bump’ – the guarantee is backed up by the payment plan a nice link into trying to sell you finance.

The designer will then ‘close’ the kitchen market demonstration by saying that his particular company offers EVERYTHING that ‘specialists’ offer, however at a price levelbetween DIY and ‘High Street’. The most common reason given for being able to do this is ‘dealing directly with the manufacturer’. Is this fiction? You decide.

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